393355_307812445913093_1048706450_n“If you haven’t attended a Small Craft event, you need to!”
– Amber Sarker, handleber

Since 2011, Small Craft has been providing opportunities to meet friends, make crafts, and share skills. Our current focus is Craft-A-Way Camp, an annual retreat for creative adults. This weekend in the Michigan woods is the most in-depth and well-loved of our gatherings, but it is far from the first!

For three years, Small Craft hosted a monthly series of creative workshops, which featured crafty vendors, vegan treats, and special surprises. Participants enjoyed every comfort, from a kids’ lemonade stand to a French pop concert, and practiced every craft, from healing with herbs to dyeing with rust. These events had something of a cult following, and are still fondly remembered for their adventurous spirit and relaxed atmosphere. (Not to mention their delicious apple cider donuts!)


Small Craft is the creation of Amy and Ethan Cronkite. Amy was a founding member of Handmade Detroit, and for ten years was an organizer of the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, Michigan’s largest and longest-running indie craft fair.

Ethan has brought a librarian’s viewpoint to his many years of participation in Detroit’s DIY counterculture. He’s known for having co-founded the Idle Kids and Trumbullplex zine libraries. And for having booked numerous all-ages punk shows, that also included crafts, food, and coffee.

Wanna email us?: smallcraftdetroit@gmail.com

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  1. Sue Valthauser says:

    I will be in Detroit the first week of April. Will you be having a pop up shop on April 14th and what craft will you be teaching?

    Sue Valthauser

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