393355_307812445913093_1048706450_n“If you haven’t attended a Small Craft event, you need to!”
– Amber Sarker, handleber

On the second Saturday of every month, a multigenerational crowd gathers at the Trumbullplex, a housing collective and community theater in Detroit’s Woodbridge neighborhood. There, they share creative skills. Explore crafty pop-up shops. And enjoy free coffee, tea, and homemade vegan baked goods. Sometimes there are extra surprises: a kids’ lemonade stand, or live classical music. This is Small Craft, a one of a kind social crafting experience.


Small Craft is hosted by Amy and Ethan Cronkite. Amy is a member of Handmade Detroit, and an organizer of the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, Michigan’s largest indie craft fair. Through her company my marigold, she sells a variety of handmade goods celebrating life on the Great Lakes.

As a co-founder of the Idle Kids and Trumbullplex zine libraries, and a member of the Trumbullplex Theater collective, Ethan has been participating in Detroit’s DIY counterculture for ten years.

Wanna email us?: smallcraftdetroit@gmail.com

One Response to About

  1. Sue Valthauser says:

    I will be in Detroit the first week of April. Will you be having a pop up shop on April 14th and what craft will you be teaching?

    Sue Valthauser

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