Craft-A-Way Camp 2017: Applications Are Now Online

Crafting with friends, in the beauty of the Michigan outdoors. If that sings to you, you’ll want to join us for a weekend at Craft-A-Way Camp. (And if that song’s not in your key, you still might want to join us! We have regulars who claim they aren’t crafty, or that they don’t like camping. But once they’ve visited, they keep coming back for more.) Our summer camp for grownups is back, June 24 and 25. It will feature a round of fun, new workshops. And a return to our old, familiar ways. Applications are due May 25, so be sure and get yours in soon!
We’ve been gathering at the Lower Peninsula’s largest state park since 2013. And that’s given Craft-A-Way time and space to build up its own traditions, jokes, and culture. That all forms the ground beneath an experience that’s often described as “magical.” It’s that giddy moment when the outside world drops away, and the only priorities are making by hand, connecting with friends, and relaxing in nature.
In this year’s workshops, we’ll try everything from screen printed t- shirts to ceramic talismans. We’ll explore Sashiko embroidery, and learn to make faux feathers. Between workshops, we’ll enjoy beloved camp crafts such as painted sticks and woven lanyards. Far from our cares and free from distractions, we’ll take a deep dive into the creative process.
When the sun goes down, we’ll gather around the campfire, to play music and roast marshmallows. And at the end of the night, we’ll sleep in a pair of rustic bunkhouses. It’s the camp experience you remember, and it still has the same power to build a warm and supportive community.
Last year was a dark time for our family, and we were forced to take a hiatus from Craft-A-Way Camp. This year has been a dark time for the nation as a whole, and there’s an especially urgent need for nourishing traditions. Now more than ever, we all must affirm our commitment to wilderness, creativity, and community. We’re glad we can return at this challenging juncture, and welcome you to Camp.
Craft-A-Way Camp
$195 – Application required.
Saturday, June 24 – Sunday, June 25
Waterloo Recreation Area
16345 McClure Road

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