October: Painting Class with Amie Hackworth


For the past three years, we’ve enjoyed getting together with our friends each month for crafts, coffee, and treats. Guests from all over the world have joined us for these relaxing afternoons. And for a few – including ourselves – they’ve become a cherished tradition. But lately, we’ve been learning that it can sometimes be healthy to let go of that which we cherish. So on Saturday, October 11, we’ll gather at the Trumbullplex to paint wooden animals with Amie Hackworth. We’ll enjoy mellow live music, and a silent craft auction. We’ll share free coffee, tea, and homemade, vegan apple cider donuts. And when this class comes to an end, so will our series of monthly get-togethers! While there will be many Small Craft events to come, none will be in this format. So whether you’ve been a familiar face at these gatherings, or you’ve been wondering what they’re like, you won’t want to miss this one!


Amie Hackworth

Plush squirrels with twinkling eyes, and pincushions made from vintage ceramics.  Yarn-wrapped wreaths with tiny critters, and winsome sparrows on hand-painted tote bags. Amie Hackworth makes a wide range of crafts, and all of them are adorable! Her enamor line has been a favorite at area fairs since 2006. It was in 2013, when Amie joined us at the inaugural Craft-A-Way Camp, that we really got to know the fun and thoughtful woman behind the crafts. We’ve been wanting to collaborate with her ever since, so we’re glad she’s able to join us before this series of Saturday classes comes to an end!

October small craft

Amie Hackworth

Amie’s skilled at a variety of crafts, but she’s particularly adept with paint and brush. Since 2011, she’s used those talents to create cute and modern cake toppers for her enamorweddings line. Under her brush, wooden pegs are transformed into stylized yet accurate portraits of the bride and groom.

At our class, she’ll help us turn the pegs into cute woodland animals! Learn some of Amie’s painting secrets, and take home a sweet little fox and raccoon! In return for a $5 materials fee, you’ll be provided with all the tools and supplies you need to make the lovable characters pictured above.


Gwen Frostic led the way in crafting an independent business. And she was strong in her praise of Michigan’s natural beauty. So we honor her as one of our great heroines, and regard her unique and lovely studio as an important historic site. When we heard that the studio’s roof was collapsing, causing water damage to the interior, we knew we had to help. So at this month’s get-together, we’re hosting a silent auction, to raise money for studio repairs. If you’d like to donate a handmade item, please be in touch! We’ll include it in the auction and donate the proceeds to Gwen Frostic Prints. Many exciting items have already been donated, so we’re looking forward to a great fundraiser!


Next year, we’ll be hosting fewer events. But each will include a lot more of the hands on workshops, laid back hours, and likeminded crafters our events are known for! At Craft-A-Way Camp, we learned that with additional time, we can really settle into our projects, and join together as a community. So in 2015, we’ll be applying that lesson to our urban get-togethers. Imagine spending a whole day with your crafty friends, exploring several different classes, sharing a tasty lunch, and enjoying some additional surprises!  We’re going to have a lot of fun, so be sure and stay tuned for more information.


Our monthly get-togethers have never been predictable. Some months, we’ve welcomed a large crowd. Others, just a few close friends. We’ve been joined by a French pop star, and by a child wearing the long, white beard of a gnome. We’ve seen a motorcycle parked in the middle of our workspace, and a craft display built around an old, blue school bus. We wanted to bring this series to a close, before it lost that feeling of limitless possibility. And we wanted to be free to chase that feeling wherever it might lead us. So we’re setting sail for a new era. We hope you’ll join us, as we look back on three wonderful years. And we hope you’ll still be with us, as we find another exciting opportunity to craft together.

Small Craft October Class
Saturday, October 11
2:00 – 6:00 pm
4210 Trumbull

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