Small Craft Garden Party: Rope Bracelet Class with Music by Cat Midway


Last year’s Garden Party was like a miniature vacation: a brief and refreshing visit to a slow-paced and sun-dappled land. So on Saturday, July 12, we’ll return to the leafy green Trumbullplex gardens, for another short escape. This time around, we’ll make knotted rope bracelets, with instruction from Small Craft’s own Amy Cronkite. We’ll enjoy mellow folk tunes by one-woman band Cat Midway. And we’ll drink cold lemonade from a kids’ stand. By the time you emerge from this idyllic afternoon, you may be surprised to find the workaday world so nearby.


Knotted rope bracelets are beloved by both sailors at sea and children at camp. They’re easy to make: a fun project to share with friends on a carefree afternoon. And they’re easy to wear: sturdy enough to be part of your wildest summer adventures. Amy Cronkite of Small Craft and Handmade Detroit will provide you with all the instructions, tools, and materials you need to make a rope bracelet of your own.

If you’re not in the mood to make a rope bracelet, please feel free to bring another project! Enjoy the good company and pleasant atmosphere of the Garden Party, while making progress on your favorite craft.


With hands strumming a guitar, and feet drumming out a rhythm, Lansing’s Cat Midway is a one-woman band. She performs one of Woody Guthrie’s great sleight of hand tricks: concealing  gnomic wisdom in offhand anecdotes. And she does it with the cool reserve of a Midwestern Nico. The combined effect is like leafing through faded photos of roustabouts at rest. Her songs seem distant and elusive, but that makes them all the more fascinating.

When she’s not performing as Cat Midway, Berry Noxon is the seamstress behind Berry Unconventional, a line of reconstructed vintage clothing. So she’ll bring an authentically crafty perspective to our Garden Party soundtrack.


If summer has a taste, it’s lemonade from a kids’ stand. And every summer, our kids bring their lemonade stand to the Trumbullplex! At 8 and 5, Ramona and Henry are entering their third year as DIY entrepreneurs. They’ve served lemonade to visitors from France and Germany, and built a dedicated local clientele. So support early business education. Enjoy some charming salesmanship. And sip lemonade that’s cold, sweet, and made from scratch.

Garden Bunting

Our Garden Party is a drop-off point for the Detroit Fatshion Exchange, a plus size clothing swap taking place Saturday, July 19 at the Trumbullplex. Fatshion Exchange organizers will be at our Garden Party, ready to accept and approve contributions of clean and gently worn clothing in larger sizes. For each item of clothing approved, you’ll be able to take home a new-to-you item on the 19th! And all the clothes remaining at the end of the swap will be donated to Purple Heart.


If you’re not ready to go home after our Garden Party, we encourage you to linger at the Trumbullplex for an evening of live music. Hear Chicago’s Swimsuit Addition, local favorites My Pal Val, and more. See what the Trumbullplex is like when the summer sun goes down. From crafty parties, to clothing swaps, to punk shows, this historic theater’s summer calendar is filled with fun events, and they’re all a few steps removed from what you’ll find elsewhere. So if you want to escape the mundane for more than just an afternoon, you know a great place to get started.

Small Craft Garden Party
Saturday, July 12
2:00 – 6:00 pm
Trumbullplex Gardens
4210 Trumbull

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