Spring Brunch at PJ’s Lager House: Calligraphy Class and The Detroit Card Co.


We’ve missed you! So we hope you’ll meet us at PJ’s Lager House on Saturday, April 12. We’ll take part in a calligraphy class, taught by designer and crafter Genna Cowsert. We’ll enjoy some hilarious greeting cards by The Detroit Card Co. And we’ll savor a hearty brunch, prepared by chef Jessika Rae Warren. After months of hibernation, this will be a great opportunity to get out and rejoin your crafty friends.

 Photo: Anne Hayman

Photo: Anne Hayman

In an age when even the most basic handwriting has become something of a lost art, calligraphy takes on the allure of an ancient magic. We’re excited to explore its mysteries at our first Small Craft event of the season. In this beginner level class, we will learn the basics of Copperplate calligraphy, from holding an oblique calligraphy pen, to practicing the basic shapes, to writing the alphabet. We will start from the very beginning, so no prior experience is necessary.

Because the calligraphy class requires individual instruction and special tools, we must ask for advance registration and a $20 materials fee. Participants will receive one Nikko G nib, one oblique pen holder, one jar of black ink, one pad of layout bond paper and a packet of letter samples.  Best of all, they’ll receive expert instruction from Genna Cowsert. If you’ve met Genna at local craft fairs, past Small Craft events, or last year’s Craft-A-Way Camp, then you know what a kind, engaging, and informed instructor she will be.

 The Detroit Card Co.

The Detroit Card Co.

In crafty circles, Genna is best known as the creator of Chuppy Love, a line of adorable amigurumi characters. But she’s also a talented custom and paper goods designer, with a special interest in stationary, wedding invitations, and greeting cards. Genna’s latest endeavor is The Detroit Card Co., a collaboration with author Cara Trautman. Combining sweet graphics with sour messages, The Detroit Card Co. offers a refreshing alternative to the sentimental greeting card. At our brunch, a selection of these cards will be available for you to browse and purchase.


Everyone’s aware that PJ’s Lager House is an incredible venue for live music. (A visit to the tiny Lager House stage by power pop legends Redd Kross was one of the great musical highlights of 2013.) And lately, more and more people are discovering the food! Our friend Jessika Rae Warren is the chef, and her cuisine has everything we’re looking for: comforting favorites, vegan options, and a bit of a wild streak.

Last time we collaborated with J Rae, she joked that we’d posted her entire “punk résumé,” so we won’t review her history here. Suffice it to say that she’s been a beloved fixture of Detroit’s DIY community for many years. Recent projects include her Heavy Nettles pop-up restaurant at St. CeCe’s Pub, and her series of fire cider skillshares at Brooklyn Street Local. She also holds the distinction of being the only person in memory to actually start a Trumbullplex show at its posted time! If you’ve got a taste for local, independent culture, then J Rae’s brunch is for you.


After two years of monthly Small Craft events, we decided to take a winter hiatus. Almost immediately, we began to miss our little get-togethers. We missed the hustle and bustle of setting up for an event. We missed seeing everyone’s wonderful crafts at the end of the day. And we especially missed spending time with all of our crafty friends! So we look forward to a reunion at the Spring Brunch. (Even if you’re not participating in the calligraphy class, we’d still love to have your company!) And we look forward to crafting with you in the coming months.

Small Craft Spring Brunch
Saturday, April 12
11:00 – 3:00
Calligraphy at noon
PJ’s Lager House
1254 Michigan Ave.

Planning to be part of the calligraphy class? Please sign up in advance. There is a $20 materials fee.

All spots in our calligraphy class have been filled. But you’re still welcome at our Spring Brunch! Bring your own project, or just enjoy the tasty food, crafty conversation, and sassy greeting cards.

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