Anne Horel: Live at the Trumbullplex


Anne Horel makes pop about pop. Her songs celebrate their own catchiness. (It’s one thing to send a three-word phrase spinning endlessly through the listener’s mind. It’s another when that phrase is literally “I’m hypnotizing you.”) Her videos shred popular ephemera into colorful confetti. In “Greetings from Michigannehorel,” a musical web series shooting this summer, she plays the part of an international pop star, whose name also happens to be “Anne Horel.”

The series sends Horel’s character from France to Michigan in search of fame and fortune. As she travels around the peninsula, she finds herself caught up in “a whirlwind of surreal adventures.” In reality, Horel’s tour of Michigan will bring her to the Trumbullplex on Saturday, August 10. She’ll give a multimedia performance at our crafty celebration of the venue’s twentieth anniversary. It’s an unlikely route to fame and fortune, but it’s certain to be a surreal adventure.

Horel makes the pop spotlight seem accessible. If you’ve ever shared a funny GIF, or shouted along with the chorus of a favorite song, you can relate to what she’s doing on stage. But she also makes that spotlight seem absurd. With video collaborators Anne Lauroz and Brian J. Bowe, she dredges up the most grotesque and degraded images from the pop unconscious. Is it DIY insurrection? Social satire? Or a simple call to the dance floor? Thankfully, Horel doesn’t pause to push a particular interpretation.

 Ashleigh Davis

Ashleigh Davis

We hope you’ll join us before Horel’s performance, and enjoy some of the crafts, treats, and friends that our get-togethers are known for. We’ll learn to make terrariums with Collapse singer/ Puppin’ Around trainer Ashleigh Davis. We’ll explore a colorful and aromatic pop-up shop by JKM Soy Candles. And we’ll share free coffee, tea, and homemade vegan cake. Kids will be selling lemonade, the zine library will be open, and a twenty-year retrospective of Trumbullplex flyers will be on the walls.


The space where we’ll gather has been welcoming artists, local and international, since the early 1970s. And it’s been home to the Trumbullplex collective since August of 1993. Stop in and contemplate Detroit’s long history of independent creativity. Then get up and confront the present moment, with Anne Horel and her dazzling metapop.

Anne Horel
Saturday, August 10
Doors: 2:00 pm
Performance: 5:00 pm
4210 Trumbull

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