Trumbullplex Turns Twenty: Ashleigh Davis and JKM Soy Candles

August 2013 flyer

This month, the Trumbullplex turns twenty. And Small Craft is celebrating with a crafty birthday party! On Saturday, August 10, we’ll participate in this Detroit venue’s long legacy of DIY creativity by making terrariums with Ashleigh Davis. We’ll revel in the festive scents and colors of the JKM Soy Candles pop-up shop. For refreshments, we’ll enjoy free coffee, tea, and homemade vegan birthday cake. (And the long-awaited return of our kids’ lemonade stand!) For entertainment: a live electropop and video collage performance by French artist Anne Horel.  With a twist on every tradition, this will be the perfect party for an enduring anti-institution.


Photo: Jackleen Diana Eve

On the debut EP by Detroit hardcore band Collapse, singer Ashleigh Davis shouts “Terrarium! Terrarium!” It’s a harsh description of a world that’s been shrunk to fit the confines of a TV screen. But the funny thing is, terrariums aren’t just a metaphor Ashleigh uses to satirize society. They’re also one of her favorite crafts! Among her friends, she’s well-known for building lovely little worlds under glass.

That’s just the kind of duality that makes Ashleigh so wonderful. She’s screaming menace on the stage, but a gentle favorite of children and dogs. (Ashleigh’s the founder of dog walkers and trainers collective Puppin’ Around.) She’s small in size, but her sweet and fearless presence fills the room.


At our party, Ashleigh will teach you to make your own terrarium from upcycled glassware. So join us at the table, and enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, as you explore tiny landscapes with your crafty friends. We’ll provide all the tools you need; and we’ll have glassware, plants, and other materials for sale on an à la carte basis. If you’d like to bring your own materials, that’s fine. (Tip: the thinner and clearer your glass containers, the better.) And if terrariums don’t interest you, you’re welcome to bring along your own creative project, and enjoy some company while you work.

 JKM Soy Candles

JKM Soy Candles

If you’ve been to a craft fair in Southeast Michigan, you’ve probably seen them: rows and rows of jars, filled with bright colors and sweet scents. They’re JKM Soy Candles, and we’re proud to welcome them to the Trumbullplex this month. (Every birthday party needs some candles!)

We like that each candle is locally hand-poured by Jenny Rostkowski. We like that candle making enables Jenny to spend time with her two young daughters while she’s building a business. And we like that the soybean wax she uses is kinder to the Earth and air than the more typical paraffin.

Jenny’s candles are available in a wide array of scents, from Avocado to Campfire, Earl Grey to Zombie Repellent. And she also makes other great products, like incense and room spray. So you’ll want to set aside some time to see all that her pop-up shop has to offer.


The party will also feature the return of Ramona and Henry’s lemonade stand! At 7 and 4, our children are already past masters of independent business. And they make a cold, tasty, and refreshing glass of lemonade! (As the visitors from around the world who joined us last August can attest.) Remember: it’s not summer until you’ve bought a glass of lemonade from a kids’ stand!

 Photo: Mag Sasse Stern

Photo: Mag Sasse Stern

Throughout the month of August, the Trumbullplex will be celebrating twenty years as a home for DIY in Detroit. There will be a variety of shows and other events to mark the occasion, including an August 17 visit from fabled Philly folk punks Mischief Brew. So keep an eye on the Trumbullplex website and Facebook, and be a part of the festivities!

One anniversary event is a flyer art show, opening the night before our party. We look forward to having two decades of punk flyers around us as we craft, bringing a larger historical context to our little get-together.

 Anne Horel

Anne Horel

Immediately following our skillshare will be a performance by French multimedia artist and pop singer Anne Horel. Through electropop lyrics, video collage, and internet memes, Horel creates a candy-colored caricature of 21st century popular culture.

She’s currently exploring Michigan, in search of  the people and places that make our peninsula so strange and wonderful. Her adventures are being documented in a series of free, online web videos: “Greetings from Michigannehorel.” We’re proud that our party at the Trumbullplex is part of her itinerary. And we’re glad her performance will be part of our celebration!

Stay tuned for more information about Horel, her film, and her performance. But in short: expect your ears to be overjoyed, and your eyes to be overwhelmed.


Punk rock flyers and electropop videos. A terrarium skillshare and a homemade cake. Earl Grey candles and ice-cold lemonade. Like the Trumbullplex itself, it’s a loose and disparate collection that’s greater than the sum of its parts. And like the Trumbullplex, it’s your participation that really makes it special! So we hope we’ll see you at the party.

Trumbullplex Turns Twenty
Saturday, August 10
Pop-Up Shop open 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Skillshare begins at 3:00 pm
Performance at 5:00 pm
4210 Trumbull

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