Jessika Rae Warren: Second Anniversary at PJ’s Lager House, Takeover Tuesday at St. CeCe’s Pub

If you took part in our crafty brunch, then you already know about Jessika Rae Warren’s delicious cooking. Four months later, our brunch guests still get a faraway look in their eyes when they reminisce about her vegan biscuits and gravy. We look forward to collaborating with J Rae on some future Small Craft events. In the meantime, there will be other opportunities to sample her punk rock comfort food. On Sunday, May 26, she’ll celebrate the second anniversary of her weekend brunch at PJ’s Lager House. And on Tuesday, July 2, she’ll bring a pop-up restaurant to St. CeCe’s Pub.


PJ’s Lager House is known around the world as a live music venue. But its brunch is one of those well-kept secrets that make Detroit special. This brunch doesn’t interrupt your morning with a lot of glitz or hype. It’s just hearty food in a cozy room: everything you need to ease into a lazy weekend. J Rae has been cooking lunch at the Lager House for two years, and on May 26, she’ll host an anniversary celebration. Small Craft’s Ethan Cronkite will DJ, playing new wave, power pop, and other music of the ’70s and ’80s. Like hot sauce on your tofu scramble, or celery in your Bloody Mary, these tunes will add an extra flavor to an already pleasant experience.

As longtime fans of J Rae’s brunch, we’re excited to find out what she does with dinner! We’ll have our chance on July 2, when she steps into the kitchen at St. CeCe’s Pub as part of their popular series of Takeover Tuesdays. St. CeCe’s is always known for its old-fashioned atmosphere and modern commitment to local produce. But every Tuesday night, it transforms into a pop-up restaurant, under the guidance of a guest chef. Expect J Rae to bring some Southern style and vegan options to St. CeCe’s wood-paneled dining room.

We hope you’ll come out and support a talented friend, while enjoying some food, drinks, and music.

Jessika Rae’s Second Anniversary Brunch
Sunday, May 26
10:30 am – 3:00 pm
PJ’s Lager House
1254 Michigan Ave.

Takeover Tuesday with Jessika Rae
Tuesday, July 2
8:00 pm
St. CeCe’s Pub
1426 Bagley Ave.

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