Craft-A-Way Camp


What if you could craft among the lake breezes and rustling leaves of rural Michigan? Gather around a campfire with crafty friends, old and new? Fill an entire weekend with the creativity and companionship of a Small Craft get-together? It’s the dream of many a Southeast Michigan crafter. And at Craft-A-Way Camp, the dream will come to life!

On June 29 and 30, we’ll make our home at the Waterloo Recreation Area, the largest state park in the Lower Peninsula. We’ll sleep in a 20-bed bunkhouse. We’ll craft, hike, and swim amid 20,000 acres of woods and water. There will be grownup takes on all the popular camp activities, from nature walks and picnic lunches to campfire songs and s’mores. But at this camp, the focus will be on the crafts!

We’ll enjoy some indie craft favorites, like screen printing and jewelry making. And we’ll bring back some fondly remembered summer camp projects, like God’s eyes and painted sticks. We’ll learn from local friends, like Marcy Davy, Courtney Fischer, and Karen LePage. And from special guests, like Chicago’s Val Willer. There will even be a crafters’ tour of the park’s plant life, with expert guidance from Andy Sell, the Foraging Florist.


So fill the woods with the beauty of your work, and your work with the beauty of the woods. Join us at the campfire, and add your voice to the song. For one weekend, at least, life can be all about sharing your creativity with your friends. For life – like a craft, or a trail through the wild – is whatever we choose to make it.

Craft-A-Way Camp
$125 – Application required.
Saturday, June 29 – Sunday, June 30
Waterloo Recreation Area
16345 McClure Road

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