Small Craft Returns to the Trumbullplex! With Courtney Fischer and All Things Grow


Our Winter Tour was a lot of fun, but we’re happy to be coming home. For two decades, the Trumbullplex has been a home for DIY in Detroit. And for over a year, it’s been the home port for our social craft Saturdays. On April 13, it can be your home away from home! Courtney Fischer will be there, with a skillshare on making silverware into garden markers. Marcy Davy of All Things Grow will be there, with a pop-up shop filled with nature-themed screen prints. And of course we’ll be there, with free coffee, tea, and homemade vegan baked goods. If you’d like to spend a Saturday afternoon crafting, shopping, eating, and socializing in a historic and dynamic space, then you should be there too!

 Courtney Fischer

Courtney Fischer

Don’t fill your one-of-a-kind garden with dull, mass-produced markers! Make your own, from a cheap and abundant thrift store resource: old silverware! Experienced jeweler Courtney Fischer will guide you in stamping the names of your crops into upcycled forks, knives, and spoons. You’ll not only be beautifying your yard, but also learning a basic metal stamping technique. You’re welcome to bring your own silverware. (Silver plated will work better than stainless steel, so look for the mark on the back.) Or for a small charge, you can use some of ours. This will be the only charge for the skillshare.

 Courtney Fischer

Courtney Fischer

The lovely patinas on her brass and copper jewelry seem to echo the textures of the Michigan outdoors, where Courtney Fischer camps and roams. In her backyard garage, she combines modern forms with an antique finish, creating necklaces, earrings, and cuffs that sing with a proud Midwestern accent. We’ve known Courtney to be a fun and friendly neighbor at many a craft fair, so we’re glad to have her company at this event. And with over ten years of jewelry making experience to draw on, Courtney will surely have a lot to teach us!

House by the Sea

Marcy Davy

The Huron river bed. A row of birch trees. A finch at the feeder. The Michigan landscape fills our homes, thanks to Marcy Davy and her All Things Grow line of screen prints. A graphic designer, an art educator, and a cofounder of the DIYpsi Indie Art Fair, Marcy brings many talents to the local creative community. She has an eye for the rocks, plants, and animals that surround us, and a knack for transforming them into elemental shapes and colors. On fabric, wood, or paper, the resulting prints are both modern and rustic: a perfect fit for an urban Eden like the Trumbullplex.

 Photo: Cassie Staub

Photo: Cassie Staub

Since 1993, the Trumbullplex, a housing collective and theater in Detroit’s Woodbridge neighborhood, has been the center of a creative counterculture. (And the space’s pre-plex history links it to an earlier counterculture: the Cass Corridor art movement of the 1960s and ’70s.) Far from being a relic, though, the Trumbullplex is alive with concerts, readings, plays, dances, potlucks, and puppet shows. There’s a special feeling to these events: a sense of connection to the past, present, and future of Detroit DIY. The best way to understand the Trumbullplex is to experience it for yourself, so we hope you’ll be there when Small Craft sails into port.

Small Craft Returns to the Trumbullplex
Saturday, April 13
Pop-Up Shop open 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Skillshare begins at 3:00 pm
4210 Trumbull

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