Tuesday in the Forest: Ethan Cronkite and DJ Thrashleigh

 Photo: Amy Cronkite

Photo: Amy Cronkite

You may know Ethan Cronkite through Small Craft. Or you may know him through the Trumbullplex Zine Library, the collection of independent publications he helps maintain at a collectively run theater in Woodbridge. You probably don’t know him for playing records, but Ethan spent his teenage summers as a DJ at a small college radio station. It was his first experience with noncommercial media, and it made a lasting impression.

On March 5, he’ll be back behind the turntables, as a guest DJ at the Loving Touch’s Tuesday in the Forest. Stop by, and hear some sounds from the heyday of college radio: new wave, post-punk, jangle pop, and more. Feel the faint warmth of a bygone summer. And see that season’s last mirage: an awkward youth, taking time from his schoolwork, and taking control of the airwaves.

 Photo: Andrew Paul

Photo: Andrew Paul

Ethan will be joined by DJ Thrashleigh, AKA Ashleigh Davis. Ashleigh is a longtime resident and collective member at the Trumbullplex, and she frequently spins records at this storied venue’s shows and parties. She’s the singer for Collapse, Detroit’s brutal new hardcore band. She’s a volunteer at the Howell Nature Center Wildlife Infirmary. And she’s the founder of Puppin Around, a dog walkers and trainers collective. Ashleigh has a profound connection with dogs, and she shares many of their best qualities. Like them, she’s adorable, loyal, and highly social. And like them, she can be ferocious!

DJ Thrashleigh’s set is sure to cover some pathless ground. So leave your usual route through the week, and lose Tuesday night in a leafy pool hall.

Tuesday in the Forest
March 5
9 pm – 2 am
The Loving Touch
22634 Woodward Avenue

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