March Pop-Up Shop and Skillshare: handleber and Glass Action! at the WAB

There’s always one last flurry of snow before the end of Michigan’s winter. And there’s one last flurry of social crafting before the end of our Winter Tour! On Saturday, March 9, we’ll visit Woodward Avenue Brewers in Ferndale. We’ll learn to make bottle cap rosettes with Amber Sarker of handleber. We’ll shop for rock ‘n’ roll stained glass, handmade by Carey Gustafson of Glass Action! And we’ll share free, homemade vegan baked goods. With its hot food, fresh beer, and relaxed atmosphere, the WAB will be the ideal place to wait out winter’s final flurry.


Amber Sarker

We will be creating a versatile project: the bottle cap rosette. We will be making them into wine charms and/or key chains. This is a great way to upcycle bottle caps you’ve collected over the years, as well as scraps of felt or fabric you may have lying around. These bottle cap rosettes can also turn into pendants, magnets, and pins. Feel free to start your bottle cap project at the WAB, and take it home to transform into something new.

Materials, including bottle caps, key rings, wine charms, felt, and embroidery floss will be provided. There will be approximately 30 key chains and 60 wine charms available. There will also be a glue gun station. It is encouraged that you bring a pair of scissors. You are welcome to bring your own supplies if you have a specific color story in mind. This skillshare is free of charge.


Amber Sarker

Skillshare instructor Amber Sarker has been giving handmade treasures to friends and family for decades. In 2011, she decided to start handleber and become a “felt florist.” handlber has sold felt flower accessories, bridal items, and home décor on Etsy and in local craft fairs, such as DUCF and the DIY Street Fair. We love Amber’s intricate floral necklaces, which feature pretty vintage buttons. (And her delightfully kitschy wardrobe, which features a Garfield Christmas sweatshirt!) Amber has been wonderful company at past Small Craft events, and we know she’ll be a wonderful instructor at this one.

 Carey Gustafson

Carey Gustafson

The David Bowie nightlight. The Michigan necklace. These well-known icons of local craft are the work of Carey Gustafson, and will be among the many treasures in her Glass Action! pop-up shop. Carey combines traditional stained glass technique with modern pop culture subjects: Bill Murray, Morrissey, Pee Wee Herman. She also does custom work, creating stained glass portraits for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. (In our experience, a Glass Action! gift is always a big hit!) Crafter, mother, drummer, bartender: Carey is a true Renaissance woman. She’s a member of Handmade Detroit, co-founder of the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, creator of the Zombie Dance Party, and organizer of the Loving Touch’s Tuesday in the Forest.

 Carey Gustafson

Carey Gustafson

The WAB has hosted a number of crafty get-togethers over the years. (You may recall Loop Social Circle, or Handmade Detroit’s Sunday Crafternoons.) And of course, it’s the heart of Ferndale’s annual DIY Street Fair. So we know it’s a great place to meet friends for crafts, treats, and drinks! It’s a fine feeling to settle into your chair, with craft and glass at hand, and watch the Woodward Avenue traffic go hurrying by. While the view on  March 9 may still be wintry, the WAB will already be filled with warmth and life. We hope you’ll be a part of it!

Small Craft Pop-Up Shop and Skillshare
Saturday, March 9
Pop-Up Shop open 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Skillshare begins at 3:00 pm
22646 Woodward Ave.

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